Each stream of data tells a story, smarterfaster listens with intent.

In an increasingly connected world, businesses are challenged everyday to think on their feet. smarterfaster helps its customers leverage data to arrive at educated business decisions.

Our vision, is to help businesses across different verticals, traverse the path from data discovery to strategic business decisions quickly, effectively and efficiently focused on making significant improvements to top-line/bottom-line growth and ride the differentiating edge in the emerging global markets.

At smarterfaster we go back to the basics, we believe that every stream of data has the potential to present a powerful story, one that can shape your company’s decisions. As analytics professionals we help in extracting those stories.


The decision is bigger than the data

We use a top-down approach in building the analytical systems. We begin with your business
strategy and get down to the burrows of your transactional data. This allows us to create a clear
and visual relationship between your business goal and operational performance.

Democratise the decision-making process

Avoid long-drawn scenario thinking development and deployment timelines for Reporting and Analytics platform

Visualise insights from various decision making points

Business decisions’ needs should drive data structuring, analytical models,technology and delivery vehicles.


Anand Srinivasan

Founder and
Chief Executive Officer

Anand Srikumar

Director -
Business Consulting

Nagaraj Nagabushanam

Chief Product Officer