Information Framework

We understand and distinguish the three different types of information – Organisational, Business and Technical Information in the form of transactional data. With a focused approach on deliverables, we can work with your business and technology guardians and dig up the data essential to audit and clean the data for processing.

As part of our developing a scalable and flexible Structured Information Framework we:

  1. Select the appropriate conceptual categories through which we analyze information
  2. Determine the terms and terminologies for greater consistency and ease of use by different users of the system
  3. Elaborate and define principles for structuring different types of information
  4. Create detailed analytical designs that use this information
  5. Analyse and implement these designs

Model Development

The full potential of our proprietary smarterfaster™ philosophy is unleashed on the Analytical Model Development that we deliver for our clients. Smarterfaster analytical modeling expertise brings together the best of both worlds – statistical and non-statistical methodologies for developing exploratory and predictive decision models.

Our exploratory models discover complex relationships and interplay between various data streams. Our predictive analytical models forecast sales, classify customer behavior or measure/mitigate risks.

InsightView has integrated R within its framework which enables advanced analytical capabilities. You will have the capability to create forecasts and other high-end statistical models. All statistical modelling will be developed after conducting workshops to understand the exact requirements of the business.

Business Consultancy

We believe that due our expertise in data analytics and understanding of multiple business verticals, we can bring significant experience in developing successful analytics-driven business strategies to wide gamut of industries – finance, power, quality, technology to name a few.

Our engagement ethos are very simple – deliver solutions that are smarterfaster with an unbiased, outsider perspective to business problems.

We also take great pride in our speed of implementation of solutions. We will set up your dashboards in days rather than weeks or months. This means that you will start seeing results, and will be able to demonstrate results to other stakeholders within your organization within days – thereby avoiding typical consultancy driven long deployment cycles that mean huge hidden costs, opportunity costs and and high-risk scenarios.