Companies that capture effective and rich Primary and Secondary sales data can suffer from poor performance if the data is not used effectively to support critical strategic and operational decision making. The data infrastructure, while effective in collecting daily sales data from the sales team, might not be able to support management with timely monitoring and alerts.
Our retail customers have leveraged the power of a Smarterfaster analytics solution to develop, track and execute the optimal demand plan to increase Margins and Volumes. Smarterfaster offers a suite of such business solutions tailored to solve the most complex and nuanced business problems. The unparalleled speed of implementation allows the business to start realizing value in the shortest possible time frame.
Smarterfaster ensures these individual blocks work seamlessly and in harmony to deliver significant and lasting impact for the business. Our retail customers have managed to realize significant benefits in a very short time frame.

  1. Better insights to sales teams led to increase in Volumes reversed the trend of eroding market share.
  2. Increase in Gross Margins by improving the product mix sold. The visibility provided to the sales team allowed them to plan their sales and avoided the trap of pushing low-margin products to simple meet volume targets
  3. Reduction in Discounts by avoiding the practice of offering heavy discounts to boost sales. Improved spread of outlets and more volumes on smaller outlets meant that volume discounts commanded by the larger retailers/outlets were offset by increased volumes on smaller outlets.
  4. Improved and targeted penetration of new geographical and territories positioned the company for sustained growth by developing new markets.
  5. Smarter use of promotional strategies aligned with the demand plan, allowed for marketing and promotional activities specifically tailored to specific territories and products


Our smarterfaster data scientists have helped our banking customers develop a streamlined and automated data management system which can result in a ground breaking impact. For example, we have worked with a fortune 500 bank and helped them reach compliance to their central regulatory authority, saving them millions of dollars as fines and improved visibility into their banking operations worldwide.

  1. Smarterfaster data scientists were able to leverage experience in the data management and banking analytics expertise to develop a global central repository with financial information that added tremendous value to the senior management. This repository was developed by working with the data management departments of all the countries in which the bank operated.
  2. Our expertise resulted in rapid reporting deployment with reduced dependence on a large data management team.
  3. This project also increased data integrity owing to lower manual intervention. This resulted in a greater reliance and faith in the data insights for the senior management team. They now use rapidly updated data insights to make decisions.


Our proprietary Smarterfaster solution can help you develop an optimal demand plan, track and execute the plan to demonstrate significant improvements in the RUM measures. To demonstrate, our customer, one of the world’s largest retailer, sales and distribution management were its pressing challenges. The distribution network was layered and complex with little or no visibility.

  1. Smarterfaster was able to leverage their InsightView platform to provide the perfect confluence of data, technology and process that allowed the customer to solve the problems within a single quarter!
  2. InsightView enabled our customer to develop a set of carefully crafted interactive dashboards that tracked the key metrics and allowed visibility on a daily/weekly level. This allowed management to monitor sales performance down to the SKU/Store/Day level with dynamic aggregation to track performance.
  3. Advanced statistical models were developed to derive expected demand for new outlets, potential for new product penetration into existing outlets and elasticity of demand based on discounts and promotions.

Smarterfaster team begins all engagements with a proof of concept (POC) that enables the customer to experience the power of the smarterfaster methodology and InsightView’s capabilities.


SmarterFaster's consultative approach in manufacturing can customise your analytical insights based on our vast experience in the analytical field which will align to the your changing needs.

  1. InsightView™ fully automated the ETL from multiple primary sources systems can lead to full automation from Extraction of data till generation of insights.
  2. InsightView™ consolidated multiple databases and provide a single view of pre-sales, sales and services metrics
  3. Generate Faster TAT in reporting due to data integration and processing automation Interactive visualization which can provide optimal information to help in better decision making.
  4. SmarterFaster can provide you with a dedicated team of experts to develop the solution and customize it to your requirements.

In one of our previous engagements, time from implementation to going live took 3 months. The new system has not only saved precious time but has decreased costs by reducing manual effort to a bare minimum.